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Candy cones


Our cones are packed to the rim with sweets to take you back to your childhood. These are great as favours or to give to children to take home and are all matched to your colour theme


Small £0.75

Medium £1.25

Large £1.75

Organza favour bags


Bags matching your colour theme filled with sweets or items of your choice


Popcorn - £0.40

Sugar Almonds x5 - £0.50

Love Hearts/Chocolate Hearts/Rock x3  - £0.50

Love Hearts/Chocolate Hearts/Rock x5 - £0.80

Ferrero Rocher x1 - £0.50

Ferrero Rocher x3 - £1.00


More fillings available



Glass sweetie jars


Our glass jars are packed to the lids with your choice of sweets. We colour match the lids and ribbon to your theme,

These are great keepsakes for your guests and can be used over and over again


From £2.00







Bride and Groom Strawberries


Delicious chocolate dipped stawberries with Bride and Groom design make great favours for your guests amd a talking point at the table


£3.00 for pair

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